Need to showcase your business? Have a book you want to print? Then why not consider Perfect Binding and Thermal Binding? Here at Printers-London we have many years of experience in printing everything from flyers through to self-published novels.

If you are a business, then why not present your products and services using polished and professional promotional books, catalogues and magazines created using our Perfect Binding printing process? Perfect Binding offers the ultimate solution for when your business needs to shine in front of your clients and prospects.

open book printers londonIf you are a private individual and you have that book you finally wrote, then why not see it in print?

If you have a personal need for a bound document such as a project or thesis for school, college or University, then why not make your efforts stand out from the crowd?

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What is the difference between Perfect Binding and Thermal Binding?

While you will almost certainly have heard of the two forms, understanding what you will get for you money is less well-known.

Perfect Binding:

If you have owned a paperback or soft covered book then you will have seen Perfect Binding. Another example of this type you may be familiar with is National Geographic magazine. Typically they consist mostly of multiple sections bound a cover made from heavier paper. All this is then glued together at the spine with a specialist, strong glue. Each section is milled along the spine and notches are dug to allow the hot glue to penetrate the spine of the book. Once bound the other three sides are then trimmed. This trimming allows the magazine or paperback book to be opened. You will have seen that mass market paperbacks are small and cheaply made - each sheet is fully cut and glued at the spine instead of folded and milled. As a result these cheap versions are likely to fall apart or lose sheets after much handling or over a period of several years untouched. On the other hand, trade, or the version we supply, are far more sturdily made, with traditional gatherings or sections of bifolios (a single sheet folded in half to make two leaves). They are also usually large, and more a bit more expensive, following the adage that you get what you pay for.

Thermal Binding:

Thermal binding differs from Perfect Binding in that it uses a single piece cover that has glue down the spine. It quickly and easily binds documents removing the need for milling and punching. Paper is placed in the coversheet, heated in a machine (basically a griddle) to melt the glue. As the glue cools it fixes the paper to the spine.

Thermal Binding is inferior to Perfect Binding.