1. Uploading graphics. Obviously you will almost always require a logo. Make sure you have one ready and available to upload. You may also require other specialised graphics. For best results make sure your images are up to 500k in size and either PNG or JPG.
  2. Keep all graphics within the pink boundary (bleed area) if you want it to appear on the card.

How to use the Designer:

Select the product of your choice:-

Business Cards

Select the template that matches most closely your requirements. If you would like to start from scratch we have provided blank horizontal and vertical templates you can select and edit to meet your requirements.

Once you have selected the product template option, choose the finish and quantity. You will then be presented with the Design button. Select it and enter the design area.

You can zoom in or out using the zoom feature near the bottom of the screen.

On the right hand side you will see the functions area. You can select from Text, Shapes, Image, Layers, Pages.

uDraw text printers londonText is easy and allows you to choose regular text, curved text or text in a box by clicking on the appropriate option. The templates already have text in suitable places which you can select by clicking on it and replace the words with your own details. You can also drag and drop text into your preferred position.


Shapes are simple to add. Click on the Shapes Button and you will be presented with options.

You can change the colour of the object by clicking the box indicated. Drag the edge of the object to change its size.

images printers londonImages. Adding them to the card is easy. Select the Image button on the right and it will present you with the possibility to Upload an image, use your own uploaded images, Clipart Collection, or go to Clipart.org for more choices.

layers uDraw printers londonLayers. Each object you create such as text, shapes, or images uploaded or selected, they will be laid down onto the card in what we call layers.

If you select the layer option you can drag and drop them above and below each other to achieve the desired effect.

pages printers londonPages. The Pages option is available to use if you select Double-Sided business cards.

It allows you to toggle between each side of the card so you may edit the contents to meet your requirements.